How Did Susan B. Anthony Play In Women's Rights Movement

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). It’s crazy what woman has to go threw just to vote or just be a woman with a voice in America. In this time woman had to stand up for themselves and take control or then men would still control us. Woman’s right vote was passed June 4 1919, certain groups of people including African Americans and woman they didn’t have the right to vote this lasted over nineteenth and early twentieth century. As the movement got worst, others started speaking up, including Susan B. Anthony she played a big role in the woman suffrage movement. White and black woman fought among and between themselves for their rights and to finally be able to vote. Five thousand women had started a movement and united together under the leadership of suffragist. The women demand suffrage in the early 1800s they gather up two hundred women and 40 men to make their claim of full citizenship these woman were very strong. Despite the great risk of such a personal loss, the women of African American descent have a very…show more content…
I never knew this many women spoke up for our rights that we have today. Yes they went through a lot to make our voice matter. The African American women never gave on their mission they were denied, laughed at, beat on, and still continue to fight for our rights. The resulting press treatment and congressional study led to the first union debate over federal amendment enfranchising women in some many years. The march strongly renews the suffrage movement as a certified and dangerous constitutional enforcement. Years later, the 19 amendment was passed by margin of one vote. Women were giving the right to vote in 1896. The woman’s liberation movement was a social rather than government and was manifested in writing and demonstration by radical feminist; they just may have raised the recognition of the country to the currency of biased opinion and
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