How Did Susan B Anthony Started The Women's Rights Movement

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By: Kallie Manson period 4 Have you ever wondered who started the women’s rights movement? Well it all started with Susan B. Anthony. Susan B. Anthony is a women’s rights activist that inspires women all over the country. She was also a journalist, a civil rights activist, and an editor. She lived a life of speeches, marches, and writing. Susan stood up for what she believed in. Where did this leadership come from? It all started with the house she grew up in. On February 15, 1820 in Adams Massachusetts, Susan B. Anthony was born into a Quaker house hold. She believed that everyone should have equal rights even before she was an adult. Before she started the women’s rights movement, Susan was part of the civil rights movement. The civil rights …show more content…

Anthony became the president of the National American Women Association. This is when she started the publication, “The Revolution “. She continued to go around the country giving speeches and even voted once. When she got in trouble for voting, she refused to pay the one hundred dollars fine that the court ordered her to pay. Her statement on why she wouldn’t pay the fine was that she is an American citizen and she deserves the right to vote. After going to court Susan B. Anthony wrote her first volume of “History of Women Suffrage”. All around the country people were listening to her speeches, marching with her, buying her books, and reading her newspapers. She was making a difference all around the country. She was helping women get up and stand for their rights and even today she still inspires girls. On March 13th 1906 in Rochester, New York, Susan B. Anthony passed away. She died 14 years before women got the right to vote. She has been honored on the 1979 one dollar coin. After she died the speeches the movement didn’t end. Women kept fighting and they kept marching. In 1920 women finally got the right to vote. Sometimes people will doubt there right to vote but when you think about how much fighting it took and how long it took, everyone should be honored to

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