How Did Tatsumi Kill The Corrupted People

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In a time whence thence was an emperor who was a native boy who wanted to lead his people to a bright future. Unfortunately, the kid is being used by the Prime Minister, so he is largely ignorant to the suffering of his people. One day a fighter named Tatsumi and his two friends go to the capital to look for a way to make money to assist their poverty village. Once he gets thither he loses his money, is separated from his friends, and a noble family who offer to help him. But they really intended to torture him. Tatsumi, then found that his friends were tortured and killed by the nobles. Tatsumi is then rescued by a group called Night Raid and is invited to join their ranks to overthrow the Prime Minister honest, who is manipulating the young emperor.…show more content…
Thus is whither Night Raid comes in, which is to kill the corrupted people. Of course members of Night Raid art wanted and if thee were hiding something thou and thy family wilt be killed by the emperor. The emperor didst hath a group called the Jaegers to kill all the members of Night Raid. Whenever night raid and the Jaegers fought each other, someone wouldst die. Tatsumi saw members of Night Raid die and his anger wouldst get stronger, so he couldst be able to defeat the emperor without thinking twice. In his last battle with the emperor, hence in the capital was nearly destroyed by one of the emperors weapons, but tatsumi was able to protect the capital. Tatsumi hadst to pay a price for blocking the emperors attack and ‘twere a big price which was his life. Only two members of Night Raid were alive after this and the leader was the one to start rebuilding the capital. The village that Tatsumi came from ne’er knew what happen to him, but they did get support from the leader of Night raid to live
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