How Did Technology Affect Latin America

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Technology in Latin America The period of 1830–1945 witnessed many events such as the end of the first industrial revolution (1830/1840), the start of the second industrial revolution (1870-1914), and many wars including both World War 1 (1914-1918) and World War 2 (1939-1945). With these historic events came drastic technological changes that affected the whole world by the powers; Britain, Europe, North America, and Japan. Despite little experimentation in technology from the rest of the world the impact of industrialization from the powers resounded worldwide. Latin America was not secluded from these changes as the introduction of technology during this period certainly did affect Latin America significantly in terms of stability, economical…show more content…
The independence of Latin America was marked by the destruction of population, farms, mines, and trade. Consequently, Latin America lacked the resources needed to develop itself and was largely dependent on foreign investment from Europe and America. Strayer supports this by arguing that “Latin America as a whole became more closely integrated into a world economy driven by the industrialization of Western Europe and North America” Hence Latin America was not able to partake in the industrialization or create an ecosystem supportive of local innovation and depended on foreign investment for technology. Moreover, this meant that the technology introduced to Latin America was limited to the interests of these foreign investors in Latin America which were mainly related to agriculture. Strayer further supplements this argument as “By l9IO, U.S. business interests controlled 40% of Mexican property and produced half of its oil.” Therefore, Latin America never really escaped the control of Europe or North America and remained reliant on to them through technology and as a result became less
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