How Did Tesla's Influence His Work?

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Despite his resentments, Tesla worked toward a demonstration of his remote control technology. At an electrical exhibition in Madison Square Garden, he got his chance. Using a remote control, he was able to move a small boat around a pond. People had been surprised by Tesla 's inventions in the past, but this was the biggest exclamation. The awe of the people was unrivaled by any other invention of the time. Tesla took out a patent for the first device for wireless remote control. Never satisfied, Tesla went to work using his newfound invention to power vehicles of all kinds. This was the birth of robotics, though few know Tesla as the mind behind it. By the end of the 1890 's, Tesla theorized that transmission without wires could be possible at high altitudes, where the air was thinner. With support from patent lawyer Leonard Curtis and Colonel John Jacob Astor, Tesla set out after his next big breakthrough. Located in Colorado Springs, the land provided proved to be exactly what Tesla needed. He quickly designed a new laboratory, this one with a tall wooden tower topped with a one hundred-forty-two foot structure…show more content…
During the course of his life, Tesla shaped the future without knowing how important his discoveries were. He was a brilliant scholar and a devoted scientist. But he was also a poor businessman and perhaps, should he have been more interested in his financial standings, we would have even more of his great theories in inventions we use today. Tesla, during his time, was considered at times to be insane, but he was in reality a man in the wrong time period, when people valued things that could be profited from. Tesla did not value money, he valued the science that drove America to be the leader in electrical engineering and industrialization. He invented a more efficient energy system, a way to intercept radio signals around the world, remote control technology, neon lighting, radar, robotics, x-rays, and he even laid the groundwork for
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