How Did The Agricultural Revolution Lead To The Industrial Revolution

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The agricultural revolution paved a path for the industrial revolution to take place. After 1700, people approached the same task, but in a different manner. Making it easier to feed the population, benefit from profitable trading, and the little drastic changes. Technologies, livestock, and global economy evolved throughout the years. Corn and potatoes grew to become staple crops of Britain. Livestock breeds were utilized for other purposes and not their main use. People of Britain were making improvements on old methods. Americans bringing new and improved innovations hoping for earning in return, making daily lives of farmers effortless. The small strips of land formerly known as the public commons were then established into one large segment of land due to the act of enclosure. This made it easier to supply a large measure of food, with fewer farmers. Owners of land soon made farming a business and began to cultivate only for profit.…show more content…
They were in need of work, so they went to the city. Later urban population kept gradually increasing until it reached 41 percent by 1851. The duration of the agricultural revolution, Britain developed mechanisms to lead its way to the industrial revolution. Series of little drastic changes, benefits from profitable trading, and feeding the population made it possible. The agricultural revolution set the stage for the industrial revolution because raw materials, workers, merchant marine, and geography had some sort of start in
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