How Did The American Dream Affect Society

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“The term American Dream was first used by the historian James Truslow Adams in 1931 to explain what had attracted millions of people of all nations to settle in America” (American Dream then and now 1). The idea of the “American Dream” has changed for all ethnic groups throughout time; but my primary focus is African­ Americans. In general, “The early settlers in America hoped for a better life than the one they had left behind in Europe. Their main reasons for leaving Europe were religious persecution, political oppression and poverty” (American Dream then and now 1). Today, “Critics see the American Dream as a clever political and economic strategy” (American Dream then and now 2). The American Dream aspect is based on beliefs and values, especially back when settlers came to the United States. African Americans were treated very poorly during the time of the Great Depression and before the Civil Rights Movement. As a man known as Jackie Robinson, it was very hard for him to fulfill his dream, but for C.C Sabathia; his dream was easier to complete. The…show more content…
From the 1940’s­ now, has had a huge effect on all lives. African ­Americans and other races/religions use to have no rights and couldn’t do what us Americans could, but now there are probably especially more African­ Americans in sports than caucasians. “The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) noted in a recent television commercial that Black male student­ athletes are ten percent more likely to graduate than are their same­ race male peers who are not members of intercollegiate sport teams” (Harper/Williams/Blackman 1). Robinson had a much harder time achieving his dream than Sabathia, but they played in different time periods. Both of these men show that the “American Dream” is real, and prove some may have to sacrifice more than others and go through a lot more to
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