How Did The American Revolution Affect Us Today

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Impact of American Revolution through time Almost all aspects of the lives of Americans were somehow affected by the spirit of the American Revolution. The attitudes of American people towards religious life, women’s rights, voting and slavery were changed forever because of it. There was a drastic change in social and political life after independence. There were significant changes in the hierarchy within the states. The American society became more egalitarian and less deferential, more meritocratic and less aristocratic. There were a few changes that were immediately experienced such as sweeping away of the English traditions like laws of land inheritance. The Church of England in America could no longer continue to exist as its head was…show more content…
Due to the revolution, when the Europeans encroached onto America and started migrating from the eastern side to the western side, the ancient borders of the first peoples – the first nations – were forgotten. This made life difficult for the unfortunate Native Americans whose lands were invaded and their languages and cultures were washed away. Impact of American Revolution today The American Revolution affects the modern-day America to such an extent that if it hadn’t happened, the US would not have been an independent republic in North America. This way it affected everything in the US. The American Revolution affected the entire world in a very fundamental way not just in its own time but continues to affect the present time as well. Some of the major fundamental values that have emerged in the modern times as a consequence of the American Revolution were the rule of law and liberty. Apart from these two philosophical ideas, another major idea that emerged was that even colonialism by Britain, the most powerful nation at the time, could be defeated as longs the oppressed people stand together for their rights and resist
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