How Did The American Revolution Change

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A revolution is a large-scale rebellion with the intent to change or get rid of the current political system. The American Revolution was a fight to be free from British rule. People were tired of being controlled. The colonists of America wanted to create their own government where they could get what they left Europe for. While some may argue that the American Revolution did not change life for minorities, the American Revolution changed the political, economic, and social atmosphere and set the stage for future change. A new political world and government was able to be built due to the Revolution. First of all, the representatives in America were more portraying of the average person. Representatives shifted from a majority of upper class people to more middle-class and upper middle-class people (Document 4).…show more content…
Historians may argue that the inclusion of only white males in this brand-new society makes the American Revolution a failure, but the American Revolution changed the social aspect of the colonies for the better. The change of social status of minorities is not immediate, but the revolution allows for necessary changes to happen in the future. For example, a majority of the north abolished slavery less ten years or even before the end of the revolution. The rest of the north and the slave-dependent south abolish slavery within the next eighty years (Document 5). After the Revolution, women feel they have a voice. Abigail Adams, wife to John Adams, wrote a letter to him advocating for the implementation of more rights (Document
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