How Did The American Revolution Change Mexico

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The Mexican revolution that started around 1910 was a cornerstone that changed the history of Mexico. The dictatorship of Diaz who was the president of Mexico fro over 35 years was one of the many reasons that people decided to rebel against his regime. The economic situation in Mexico at that time was not encouraging and discrimination between rich and poor was practiced heavily on the people. Many people were left unemployed, which drove most of them to become outlaws and criminals. Another reason that might have contributed to the revolution to ignite was the exploitation of peasants and other workers. During the revolution, the many factions that arose were led by leaders who wanted to apply their beliefs and rule the country. Porfirio Diaz who ruled Mexico ruthlessly for over 35 years refused to step down. Diaz was probably one of the…show more content…
The first important battle was the battle of Agua Prieta, which was between Madero supporters and Diaz troops in 1911. The second battle was the battle of Columbus 1916, and it was conducted by Villa. The battle started as a raid by Villa's troops, but it was transformed into a full-scale battle between Villa and the United States. The United states used this battle as an excuse to invade Mexico and capture Villa. The bloodiest battle that happened during the revolution was the battle of Zacatecas in 1914. the battle ended with forcing Huerta to resign and achieving victory for Villa.(Neth) The Mexican revolution of 1910 left a great impact on the country. The revolution was able to remove Diaz from his position, which was one of the main reasons why the revolution started in the first place. During the revolution, more artist and musicians showed, and their goal was ".. to redefine Mexico's national identity and dignify the struggles of everyday peoples. Nationalism formed a cultural core of the Mexican Revolution" (Green, Skidmore, and Smith
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