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The American Revolution was a war fought by numerous brave American men. The war was also fought by women, African Americans, and Europeans alike. Everybody had a part to play in the battlefields. It might have been treating the wounded, fighting hand on hand, or providing crucial battle strategies, but no one stood aside. While American men did fight in the war, others played an important and crucial part in the war. These people were women, African Americans, and Europeans. Often women held low positions in society and wasn’t accepted in the army, but that didn’t stop them. “With their husbands away fighting, some women had to take over as weavers, carpenters, blacksmiths, or shipbuilders” (Doc. 2). They even fought on the field. One such woman was Deborah Sampson. She put on men’s clothes renamed herself and acted like a man so she could join the military. “…Deborah Sampson put on men’s clothing and called herself Robert Shirtliffe in order to enlist in the army”(Doc.2). Another example of a brave woman is Molly Pitcher. “…Molly Pitcher took over at the cannon after her husband dropped from exhaustion” (Doc.3).…show more content…
They also fought fearlessly for the independence of their country. Some African Americans, even though they were not free, ran away and joined the military “…Many a runaway told the nearest recruiter that he was a freeman, anxious to fight. More often than not, he was accepted without too many questions: the army was always short of men” (Doc.5). In Valley Forge, countless people died during the harsh winter. “During the winter of 1777-1778, dozens of black Virginians served in every one of the state regiments, freezing, starving, and dying at valley forge”(Doc.5).They never gave up and marched and went through harsh drills for eight weeks. After the winter, according to an army report list, there was 755 African Americans in the continental

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