How Did The Articles Of Confederation Contribute To The Failure Of Central Leaders

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The most vital aspect of a well functioning group could be said to be central leadership. No matter the size, a leader is essential. Even within a small sports team, central leadership, is necessary. On a much larger scale, such as the Government system for a Country, the need for central leadership becomes much more indispensable. The founding fathers of The United States of America insisted on incorporating a strong central leadership in The Articles of Confederation. Certain failures caused by no central leadership were: No independent judiciary, no foreign affairs head, and the inability to deal with internal and external threats. The Articles of Confederation were written hastily during a time of war. Having recently broken free from the British Empire, the writers feared having too strong of a central government. With that fear, the writers left out certain laws that needed to be established in order…show more content…
Without a judiciary system, the national government had no jurisdiction in the court system. This left the entire judiciary branch to rely on the states. States were even subject to overturn national actions that they found objectionable. This allowed no law to be enforced. States could simply ignore certain laws without any repercussions. Citizens also lacked the ability to file cases against the national government, because there was no court system in place for a lawsuit. One major difference in the Articles of Confederation and its successor-The Constitution of the United States-was its lack of a chief executive. Without a chief executive the United States was left without a presidential figure to handle foreign affairs. The United States even received complaints from nations such as Britain, because they lacked the knowledge of whom to contact in order to initiate diplomacy. Lacking a chief executive The United States were left at a serious diplomatic
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