How Did The Aztecs Build A Strong Empire

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The Aztecs were an extremely strong empire that quickly became a superpower in their part of the world. Through the society’s self-sufficiency, stoicism, technology, loyalty and religion, the Aztecs dominated. Each member was expected to follow certain responsibilities and tasks (such as all people were required to attend school, military was mandatory for men to attend, etc.) which helped to enhance the state's well being as well as the good of the whole society. This created a strong and self sufficient economy. Everyone in the Aztec Community was trained since childhood to put on a brave face during war and throughout their life. The aim of this discipline was to turn them into citizens with “a stone heart, and a stone face”. This created obedient, hard working, model citizens. Beliefs are part of which lead to the Aztec’s stoicism.…show more content…
Not only did the Aztec’s strong religion bring them closer together as an empire, but it gave them motivation to conquer those around, due to the belief that gods’ needed blood. The loyalty of the people was to their superior, the Emperor, and the Gods. Loyalty for farmers meant that they had to pay taxes, give up a portion of their produce in taxes, and donate a certain amount of hours into a project for the state. Projects, such as road building, was made easier with their technology. The technology of the Aztecs allowed massive growth in their power. Without many of the things they created, such as causeways, chinampa, and the aqueduct, the Aztecs would have much more difficulty staying self-sufficient and maintaining a large and healthy population. In turn, their technological advancements heavily contributed to their
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