How Did The Aztecs Influence The Conquest Of Mexico

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The arrival of Hernán Cortés and his men in Mexico in 1519 caused the Aztec culture to be destroyed and the Spanish to increase their wealth to new levels. This event lead to the conquer of the Aztec empire and the world to change. This event was very pivotal and lead to a change in the culture of Mexico. If the Aztecs were never conquered the world would be very different and modern Mexico would not be nearly the same as today. Hernán Cortés was born in 1485 in Medellin, Spain. He studied Latin at the University of Salamanca for two year. He left school after those two years to sail the new world in 1504. Cortés joined Velazquez to explore and subdue Cuba in 1511. Velazquez chose Hernán Cortés to have an expedition to trade with Mexico. On February 10,…show more content…
They were thought to be Quetzalcoatl, a god with light skin, red hair, and light eyes. The Spaniards fit the description very well. The Aztecs were a polytheistic religion and also practiced human sacrifice. The Spaniards observed that the Aztecs had wealth trading and the tribute from conquered people. The Spaniards began to try to influence the Aztecs people. They tried to convert the natives to christianity, but their methods were considered radical (“The Conquest of Aztecs”). They would gather the natives and preach the Gospel, even though they didn’t speak their language. If the natives did not go onto their knees and repent they were killed or enslaved. They were thought to be rejecting the religion even though they couldn’t understand them. The Aztecs were alarmed by their religious practices. At the time of the arrival of the Spanish, Moctezuma II was the leader. He had his people to not associate or trade with Cortés and his men. He told Cortés to not enter the Capital and sent gifts to influence them not to go (“The Spanish
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