How Did The Beatles Affect My Life

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The Beatles is a music band that I grew up listening to. I was really excited to know that the band was an option for this essay. I enjoyed hearing and seeing the Beatles all throughout my life. They were a well known band and very popular in my era. The first and last time I ever saw them live was in Santa Cruz sometime in the ninety’s. It was a beach concert. To me, it was one of the first concerts that I ever went to, and I was so excited to say the least. A lot of people were drunk towards the end however, which to me, hindered the experience, but I was too young to drink so I just enjoyed the experience as a whole without worrying about the negativity around me.
The really neat thing about the Beatles is the fact that they have diverse
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Their songs were diverse, with each exertion standing on its own as a distinctive accomplishment. Their gifts were their voices. Lennon and McCartney both had brilliant singing voices, communicative, meticulous, flexible, and eye-catching. All four of them could sing though, and their synchronizations and multidimensional vocals were trademarks of their style. As far as the different genres the Beatles represented, this is something extraordinary in my eyes. They started out as a rock band doing cover tunes, then became a pop band then evolved into a psychedelic rock band and finally into musical artists who redefined modern popular music. For the most part, the Beatles were are rock band but in all actuality they were much much more. Their influence on modern music and culture in general is still being felt all around the world to this day. I believe they were one of the greatest musical artists of my

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