How Did The Beatles Become So Unique

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The English rock music group known as The Beatles gave the 1960s their musical standard and had a great influence on popular music. They were able to gather together a unique band with few performers, but what made The Beatles standout from other American bands was their style. This style which mixed rock and roll and rhythm in blues and even some Tamla Motown is what had thousands of screaming fans irking to see them perform. The effect The Beatles had on teenagers and even adults is astonishing. Thomas Fitzpatrick says, “..young girls leap to their feet and begin to wave their arms and scream”. This is just one example of the popularity that The Beatles possessed in adolescents. This unique band included George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul…show more content…
They performed the song “I want to hold your hand” to millions of people who were anxious to hear their unique style of music. Of course, The Beatles became an instant success in the USA. Not so long after their first performance of The Beatles they already had the five best selling records. Fitzgerald noted. “That never before had he seen one group record on at least four different labels and have five records in the top 100 best-sellers at the same time.” By the end of 1964 almost everyone not only in the USA but worldwide knew who The Beatles were. The reason their rock and roll was unique was because they did something out of the norm, they added melody to rock. The Beatles were also able to connect with many of their fans by putting out music with meaningful context. Their first songs seems to relate to love something that everyone was able to relate to one way or another. But this didn’t stay as their style of lyrics because later in their careers they began to make music which spoke on things happening in the world. Though the group decided to break up and do their own thing, as solo artists they still produced music that was meaningful to the

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