How Did The Beatles Influence American Culture

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It seems to be rather unusual nowadays, but the Beatles influenced British and American culture even by their hairstyles. Before the Beatles has popularized so called "moptop" hairstyle, the long hair was assigned to people called "longhairs". Longhairs were people classified as bohemian artists and generally poor or freethinker people. The long hair was seen as a rebellion though the long hair was accessible for women only.
Another example of the rebellion was their dealing with the press. During encounters, they often turned questions back to reporters or answer them with nonsense. They demonstrated that they are independent thinkers. It was the first mark of their natural extraordinariness, honesty and revolt.
In 1965, an album called "Rubber Soul" signals the band 's first movement beyond the musical mainstream. On August 29th 1966, they give their last concert in San Francisco. Pressures on
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The song was not a hit of pop charts in the Great Britain and the United States of America, but became an anthem of American anti-war movement during 60’s and 70’s. There was nothing like a song which could crowds of people sing. Nothing strengthened the message and attitude of the protesting crowds than a simple song. "All we are same, just give peace a chance".
On 15th of November 1969, half a million of people demonstrated against the war in Vietnam during the Moratorium march in Washington, D.C.. On Moratorium day, five hundred thousand of people gathered around the White House and they sung John Lennon’s new song "Give Peace A Chance", followed by chanting "Are you listening, Nixon? ", and "Are you listening, Pentagon?"16. The chants were just a background support of the song which stood behind the common idea of stopping the war. This event demonstrates how effective a simple and naïve song can
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