How Did The Beatles Influence The Success Of The 60's

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The Beatles were an english band, famous for their unique music and hit songs they sang and wrote during the 60’s. The Beatles consist of 4 members John Lennon the lead vocals, Paul McCartney the bass guitarist, George Harrison the lead guitarist and Ringo Starr the drummer. The Beatles became the rock era of music and their fame started in 1963’s till they disbanded in 1970’s. The Beatles members were all born in Liverpool England. John Lennon was born on October 9th 1940 and died in New York on December 8th 1980. George Harrison the youngest of the members was born on February 25th in 1943 and died on November 29th 2001. Paul McCartney was born on June 18th 1942 and is still currently living. Finally the last member Ringo Starr was born …show more content…

The song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song barely made it into the British top 20 and the Beatles fame didn 't truly kick in until “Please Please Me” which hit number one on the British charts in the early 1963 and stayed number one for a total of 30 weeks. After the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in February 1964 Beatlemania began which was a period of time when people all over america were crazy over the Beatles. The appearance on the Ed sullivan show created their fame in America and after that the Beatles consistently put out hit songs that always topped the music charts included 2 hit albums and many single hit songs.

By this time the Beatles had achieve many awards and were extremely well known. The Beatles accepted and won many awards. The Beatles were nominated 3 times for the British awards and they won all 3 times. The Beatles were nominated for 26 grammy awards and they won 10 of the grammy awards. The Beatles were often known as the most successful band of the 1960’s.

At the beginning of 1963, The Beatles had one top 20 hit to their name. By the end of the year they were famous british stars with 2 hit albums and many other famous hits. Overall the Beatles changed the 60’s like no other band did and influence other famous

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