How Did The Bill Of Rights Influence The American Revolution

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The American Revolutiontionary War was a war that was fought for against the British crown in 1775. At the time, the British Crown was controlling the continental United States through the colonial system. It had divided the are into thirteen colonies. After about eight years of war, North American was able to defeat the British and gain their independence. This was an extremely important milestone in the making of the contemporary United States and it shaped the foreign policy of the international system with the eventual rise of the United States in the global system. Idea of freedom and democracy permeated the international web, and the spread of these ideas have changed the international system. Had it not been for the American Revolution, …show more content…

It was the declaration of freedom from the thirteen colonized state and it marked the first movement for independence not only in the United States, but this document was also able o inspire and influence the French Revolution that took place later on in France. Since France was already fighting against the British Crown, Louis XVI supported the American revolutionaries in their fight against the British. France already had lost territories in America to the British crown and in retaliation they assisted the rebellions in gaining their independence. BILL OF RIGHTS The Bill of Rights was a historical document that was drafted to create equality, libersty, and democracy in America. The Bill of rights was on the first documetns fo it’s kind and it helped establish a precendence for freedom across the world. At the time, there was no such document that gave so much liberty to the people. The Bill of Rights fascinated many other countries, and it helped influence the politics of many other nations indirectly. As mentioned before, the French were extrememly inspired by the document and its enlightenement ideas. The ideas in the bill of rights was very new to the political system. Before the Bill of `rights was drafted, the world powers were dicttorships, monarchies, and colonial powers. The bill established a new kind of power that would be given directly to the people. It was a draft to create a true democracy for the first

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