How Did The Black Death Affect Society

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The “Black Death” is history’s first pandemic. This pandemic originated in China in 1334 and peaked in Europe. This plague wiped out entire towns. There were so many deaths, that there were not enough survivors remaining to bury the people who have passed (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It is believed that the cause of this outbreak was because of the bacterium Yersinia pestis, according to forensic research (Saylor). The spread of this plague played a major role in migration and trade in Europe and it radically changed society in European countries. The Black Death had an impacting effect on Europe. It is estimated that the plague has killed 30-60% of Europe’s population What made the impact this plague had on Europe even more severe was the already…show more content…
Then, during the trade, traders transported the rodents and the fleas with the plague through the silk road which lead through Europe. The Black Death travelled through the Silk Road and reached Caffa which was a trading city in Crimea in Europe in 1346. Here, it was most likely carried by rodents which were common on merchant ships, causing it to spread all over Europe. In October 1347, the Sarah Watson: scientific names should be italicized Sarah Watson: good info, but you need to provide citations after sentences that are paraphrasing information. This allows the reader to know where you are finding the info. plague reached Sicily by ships, and it rapidly spread on the island. With more ships, an outbreak occurred in Pisa which was just the beginning for Italy. From Italy, it spread northwest and hit France, Spain, Portugal and England by only June 1348. But the disease didn’t just stop there, it turned around and spread through Germany and Scandinavia. It entered Norway caused by a ship in 1349. Lastly, it reached north-western Russia in 1351. So, the plague hit the majority of Europe, sparing only a few countries

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