How Did The Black Panthers Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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I believe that radical groups, more specifically the black panthers and the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), were the most influential people in the civil rights movement. They both were big groups that tried to solve problems through actions, one was a positive impact, the other was a negative impact. Together they shaped the civil rights movement, and were always at the heart of everything. The black panthers was an african american revolutionary party, who defended black neighborhoods. This group was created to patrol the neighborhoods to protect them from police brutality and the KKK. They acted out and sacrificed their safety for their neighbors. Many of them were beaten and killed constantly, because their efforts to fight back. The police stopped…show more content…
They didn 't face many challenges because they were the challenges, and were supported by many. They were a group of evil people wanting to eradicate the black race and would kill to get what they wanted. Though some of them were put in jail for murder, it took them a long time to actually be convicted. The influence that the KKK had on the people involved them emotionally, and physically ,but mostly impacted the U.S. as a whole more in a negative way than a positive way. The negativity and oppression that was put on the african americans from the kkk, was the reason why there was a change. Without them the oppression would of taken a lot longer to build up to get to a point where change was needed. The kkk did such bad things that they got on the news constantly and they were spreading such shocking negativity that random people decided to speak up, if they didn 't do these shocking things who knows how many people would of stayed hidden. They started the chain reaction. “Black Americans have typically been the Klan 's primary target, it also has attacked Jews, immigrants, gays and lesbians and, until recently, Catholics”( Didn 't just influence women 's rights, they killed african americans, they killed whites who supported the movement, they killed both genders, therefore they influenced both races, both male and female, and that 's why we believe they had the biggest impact, it was just in a negative way, people remember the bad things more than the good, we reminisce on the kkk because we need to learn from it and we continue to learn from it, so we won 't repeat history. they were often called an "invisible empire"( they had so many members that stayed hidden yet they also had so much power. They started a
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