How Did The Boston Massacre Contribute To The American Revolution

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In 1776, the British colonists that were living in America were getting tired of Great Britain’s control. The British were strictly ruling the colonies at this time, and the colonists decided that they were going to fight back. Firstly, colonists were given hefty taxes. Great Britain did this to receive more money, since they are in debt from the French and Indian War. Also, there were many unfair laws that were being instilled. King George III and Parliament restricted the colonists in almost everything they did. Next, the Boston Massacre helped lead to the American Revolution. It proved that the British were in charge and violent, and the colonists were enraged. Lastly, colonists had no representation in Parliament. Laws and taxes were passed without them having a say. Americans decided to fight for their independence in 1776 because they were being treated unjustly by Great Britain. To begin, the British passed hefty taxes in the thirteen colonies to help pay off their war debt. First, colonists were brought into British conflicts. After…show more content…
It was a terrible day where innocent colonists were killed. It was definitely one of the causes of the American Revolution. To begin, it showed how the British were in charge. On a snowy day, colonists were harassing a bunch of British soldiers in Boston. They were throwing snowballs and calling the soldiers names. Eventually, Officer Preston ordered his men to fire. They shot into the crowd and killed five people (Document B). This event also showed how cruel the British are. They murdered people who were not putting them in any danger. The colonists would not have killed any of the soldiers, they were just protesting and expressing their anger. The British knew this, but clearly did not care, as they killed innocent people. This proved that the Americans needed to get away from the British as soon as possible, because tragedies like this would continue to
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