How Did The Boston Massacre Lead To The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a time period where there were 13 colonies in America exploring more of the land everyday, The british shared the land with people who are called the pilgrims and ended up soon turning into Patriots and after that Americans.Great Britain started abusing their colonists while there were shootings and many taxes of colonists, many were unfair, and this led to the revolution. This war was between The Patriot/Americans against the British/Loyalists. The revolution happened because a few major events in history took place in Boston others will say it as British Territory. What we know today as the Boston massacre was when the men of the British army fired their weapons at civilians that were on a riot. Many were killed in the firings, and this is all because of taxes by the government. They were known for their saying no taxation without representation, this blew up after British taxed their people after the French-Indian war, they were taxed for paper, tea, chocolate, just about anything. In the war there was a …show more content…

This was known as the culper spy ring ran by George Washington, it was one of the ways they won the war. They also had help from the French who were former enemies of the British. The Patriots were much more motivated to fight then the British because the British were fighting for defense and to win, but the Patriots were fighting for independence to the whole nation. This was is very important because if it never happened then Great Britain would share America with American citizens and British would probably own most of the country. If Patriots did not win the war then America would never of existed and Great Britain would own The United States and maybe even more land. Great Britain would be like it was back then, unfair, taxation without representation and many more

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