How Did The Boston Tea Party Affect Society

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What if I said the Boston tea party was a major event in American history. For instance, did know the Britain were in major debt with France from the great war. Or how did the people in Boston to manage to overthrow the tea. How does the Boston tea party have an effect on today's society? The life of an supremacist is lived among the ones who serves him, but the lives of an anarchist bring out freedom among one another. To this day Great Britain still haven't paid their debt off to France, for example. “The Britain's put the tax on tea to try to pay off the debt they had with France, which, King George the third had too much power he taxed more on imported goods and exported” (Krull). The Britain's learned from their mistakes and which no …show more content…

“The Son’s of liberty was the first group to form in 1765 in New York and slowly progressing to the Loyal nine located in Boston”(Walker). This group was individuals who devoted their lives to the 13 colonies. The Sons of liberty weren't mostly Englishmen, studies prove. “In the group of the Son’s of liberty they were Mohawks Indians”( Nebenzahl). This secret radical group helps make the motto”no taxation without representation”(Otis). King George the III was looking for the individuals for but unfortunately.“To date it is known that 116 people are documented to have participated in the dumping of the tea”(Walker). This made it harder to find them cause they all ran from the government and was hiding at the loyal nine located in the middle of …show more content…

Britain shipments carried many different kinds of tea into the harbor it is evident that.“The shipment of the British East India company tea three ships delivered a total of 240 chests of Bohea, 60 chests of Singlo, 15 chests of Congou, Hyson, and 10 chests of Souchong”(Morris). One kind tea was on board was specifically for the king himself called Souchong. This was the time for Samuel Adams to prove his trustworthiness to the sons of liberty therefore. “On the night of Dec 16, 1773 342 chest of tea was dumped into the waters of Boston equaling 92,000lbs in today's money that's about $1,700,000”(Thomas). This puts the Britain in more debt problems with France. Great Britain In 1773, the government was so corrupt studies prove. “The colonist joined together to fight against the stamp act, the king was surprised about their action and ended the stamp act”(Carr). Then later brought the Parliament to pass the Declaratory Acts. A man's secret is truly devastating to another in therefore. “Samuel Adams called the it the secret plan which meant this night is the dumping of the tea”(Andrews).which infuriated the Britain to shut down the harbor

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