How Did The British Civilize India During Imperialism

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Many people had different perspectives on what events happened during the imperialism in India. Everyone had a different perspective, depending on what they knew about what the British did during the imperialism. The British helped to civilize India during Imperialism. “They develop the territory by building roads, canals, railways, and telegraphs… establish schools and newspapers”(Document 1). They helped them to develop new technology and schools for them. Communication will now be more efficient for them. There are also more means of transportation with the help of the British. The Education in India was improved by the British. “ They have introduced Western Education...modern thought, modern sciences, and modern life”(Document 3). Their entire education system was modernized. They now will hopefully learn more than they had before. It helped India to keep in touch with the…show more content…
“The British occupy almost all the higher places in every department of government…”(Document 2). The British ruled over most of India and had control over almost everything. They did not have much power to control what happened in their own country. They did not get to hear about the plans of what the British had in mind, until they were set in place. It was not fair to the Indians that they had no power to rule themselves. During imperialism, India’s economy was forced for its development to stop, and jobs were lost. “... many crafts were broken. Thus the economic development was stopped and the growth of the new industry was prevented…”(Document 6). India’s economy was not doing well during imperialism. They had to close down many of their industries, and stopped their growth. The British had taken over their industries, and were making a lot more of a profit than the Indians were. This also led to a drop of unemployment and poverty for the Indians, while they already had too many unemployed
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