How Did The British Colonize Australia

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One of the main effects of British colonisation on Australia is the transformation of the Australian land. Because the English colonised Australia, people spread and livestock overtook the land that belonged to the Aboriginals. The British noticed that the Indigenous people of Australia did not have a very advanced society and they knew that they could claim this land for themselves. Therefore, in the first years of colonisation, the Europeans chose to drive the Aboriginals off their land and claim it for their own. The Europeans built colonies, that eventually expanded, and destroyed sacred sites to conform the land into a place resembling more of England and Europe. When the free settlers arrived in Australia in 1793, the colonial government…show more content…
Before the English arrived in Australia, the Aboriginals lived in tribes and were traditional and nomadic in their way of life. When the Europeans arrives, they believed that the Aboriginals were primitive and basic, and they decided to conform the Aboriginals to their way of life. They made them wear European style of clothing and they started to educate the Aboriginal children in a European approach, starting in 1814. They conformed the Aboriginals to Christianity in a hope that they would live a better life. The help the Europeans gave to the Aboriginals didn’t help their culture, it made them more dependent on the resources and facilities the Europeans had given to them, such as financial support from the government. They did this because they were convinced that the Aboriginal race would eradicate in the following years. This resulted in the loss of their traditional ways of life. After a while, Europeans got tired of trying to transform the Aboriginal way of life, and started to force them into the European way of life. Before 1930, a rule of assimilation was starting to arise. This completely ruined the Aboriginal traditional way of life, and ruined their culture. Therefore, the arrival of the English at Botany Bay impacted the Australian continent because of the change in the Aboriginal
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