How Did The British Culture Change Indian Culture

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The Indians were taken over by the British when this happened the British tried to change the Indian culture into theres. It didn't work but they did succeed and adding some of the cultural into the Indians because there are some similarities. Although the only differences and similarities in my opinion I think that those clothes food language sports and education

The Indians were different things in the British. For example in the in the passage in paragraph nine it states the "the cotton dress should've looked strange and a little girl not an Indian clothes" (Santha Rama Ru page 9) this implies that the Indians don't usually wear cotton dresses so we can make a safe assumption that that's what it is little girls used to wear. As for the Indians when they weren't trying to fit in they would be dressed quite the little girl "she had a long glossy black braids and wore a cotton dress, but she kept on Indian jewelry- a gold chain around the neck, thin gold bracelets, and tiny tiny studs in her most Indian children she had a ring of black Kohl around of eyes" (Ru paragraph 9) this shows how the British were changing the Indians because they are too afraid to use the own clothing because they wouldn't fit in to the community.
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At school they had to change their food too because they didn't want to feel like they were doing wrong by eating Indian food for example "but she only shook her head and plowed through her way solemnly through who sandwich" (Ru par.15) this shows how much she really wanted to eat Indian food but she had to fit into the British society. What Cynthia brought made the little girl miss her Indian food which was "thin wheat chapattis, some vegetable curry, and a bottle of buttermilk" (Ru par.15) This shows that these girls just wanted to fit into the
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