How Did The British Empire Colonize Egypt

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Section 1:
This essay will explain the British Empire colonizing Egypt in 1922. I will talk to you about the impacts that colonization had on Egypt.

Section 2: when the British took over Egypt, Egypt became protectorate. This means that when England had a war between another countries, Egypt’s armies would help the British to win. This would make the British sound more formidable and have a better reputation. It also would make them harder to defeat.
Because India was a main part of the British Empire, they wanted to have a quick way to transport goods back home. The quickest way then was via the Red Sea. India had useful resources that the British needed. Also, they took control so the Dutch or French could not attack west India from the Red Sea.
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However, during this period, the Egyptian government also borrowed allot from European countries for internal improvements; when the price of cotton fell, Egypt had already borrowed money to the point of bankruptcy in 1876. As a consequence, a group of European states (mainly the British and French) established a debt repayment agency called the "Caisse de la Dette," monitoring Egypt's revenue.
The main resource that the British empire wanted from Egypt was its cotton Egypt had allot of it and a very good quality of it.
The Suez Canal was called the lifeline of their empire because it was the most important route for the British because it made it easier for its trading routes and transporting goods by sea from their other colonized country India back to their home country

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