British Colonization Of Egypt

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Section 1:
This essay will explain the British Empire colonizing Egypt in 1922. I will talk to you about the impacts that colonization had on Egypt.

Section 2: when the British took over Egypt, Egypt became protectorate. This means that when England had a war between another countries, Egypt’s armies would help the British to win. This would make the British sound more formidable and have a better reputation. It also would make them harder to defeat.
Because India was a main part of the British Empire, they wanted to have a quick way to transport goods back home. The quickest way then was via the Red Sea. India had useful resources that the British needed. Also, they took control so the Dutch or French could not attack west
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The British colonization started in 1882 the main essence of the colonization was to control the maritime as Egypt had an central location in the world connecting the western world with the eastern hence from an economical standpoint Egypt was very important as it had the Suez canal at that time so by colonizing Egypt the British government would put its hands on the marine trade ins coming from the Americas and Europe going to India, china and the far east another economic reason was that Egypt at that time was the biggest producer of cotton and at that time cotton was s variable at the international trade from the cultural perspective the influence of the British colonization was very intense to the Egyptian traditions as at that time the food and beverage and bars outlets have flourished in Egypt thus changing the scene from local coffee shops to more upscale outlets which was new to the Egyptian culture also the expansion of English language as a second language was a mandate for allot of Egyptians to learn and understand in order to communicate with the colonizer other habits were acquired such as the European architecture in buildings the clothing fission and some other cultural influences with regards to the rights of women that has changed the scene in Egyptian culture especially that women in the old days were considered inferior during this time the strength of a nation was determined by the number of colonies that thy had control on as the strength of any nation…show more content…
This specific battlefield has affected Egypt through the ages and still at this moment there are allot of mines imbedded on the ground where al the maps were lost and cannot be found and until this time there is a big zone of ground on the north Mediterranean coast of Egypt that isn’t utilized because it is a quarantine mine
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