How Did The Bubonic Plague Affect Society

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The Bubonic Plague was a devastating and lethal disease 600 years ago, and it had extreme effects on the English renaissance time period. The English society was affected by the Bubonic plague in many different ways. The Bubonic plague was a very nefarious disease and had relatively the same effects on citizens regardless of wealth. “This terrible disease was an important factor and had major consequences on the life and family of William Shakespeare. He lost brothers and sisters as well as close friends and fellow actors to the disease”(Alchin). This quote shows how upper class citizen had very little advantage over the plague just like everybody else. The Bubonic Plague had a grip on the Elizabethan time period and even though the upper class had very little advantage to the plague, it was the lower classes huge disadvantage. “Only the wealthy would receive the ministrations of an Elizabethan Physician”(Alchin). The lower class didn't have simple access to seeing a “physician”. Even though medicine was very trivial at the time, access to a physician can be the difference between life and death. The lower class were objectified to dealing with this disease without any medical help.
The Bubonic Plague affected society drastically in England during this time. People lived in constant fear of the bubonic plague. Citizens did their best to not leave
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Jobs of the lower class were jobs that were dirty and required a lot of work. “The western world farming communities were devastated by the spread of the disease. It became common place to see livestock abandoned, their owners overtaken by the spread of the Black Death / Bubonic Plague. Livestock and people perished.”(Alchin). The economy of the lower class quickly crashed with the spread of the bubonic plague. The disease was spread by dirt, fleas, and rats. In lower class jobs, these things were very easy to come
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