How Did The Cabinets Influence George Washington's Administration

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Washington’s administration was the part of his first leadership and management of the U.S government and they would be the people working with George Washington during his presidency.
b) Precedents were, “acts or statements that became traditions to be followed,” and George Washington placed them to be followed by the administration so there would be order and it would set clear cut rules for the administration.
c) The Cabinet was the most important precedent that Washington created. The Cabinet was a group of federal leaders who worked in specific departments of government that Washington assigned them to do. The Cabinets are part of the executive branch and they helped advise the President. The four executive departments were departments
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The main problem in my opinion is that the Constitution wasn’t written clearly and the people in power in the government interpreted it different ways, some using it as defense for the powers of government and some using it to limit government’s power. This lead to the politicians having debate and disagreeing on certain ideas. After lots of debate, eventually two sides are going to form, and instead of working together to find a common solution, the politicians decided to go ahead and form two different groups. The whole system of political parties goes against unity in the government.
4. No, obviously not, because if anyone or many people in the U.S. did not like him then they would rebel or create some type of havoc to show how much they disliked Washington. Many people would be upset with the decision and that would play a big role on how the government would move forward.
5. Hamilton believed that wealthy Americans would provide political support to the government and his plan in general would help pay off the debt to merchants who they owed most of their debt to. However, the debt would have to be paid by through taxes by the American people. Hamilton thought money and wealthy Americans would solve all of their problems concerning debt, and that in result would secure the government. Unfortunately, most Americans were not the wealthy
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