How Did The Cambodian Genocide Ruined People's Life

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LThe Cambodian Genocide was a ghastly event that ruined many people's life and 7 million people lost their lives. The Cambodian Genocide happened under the Khmer rouge regime due to their lack of respect of people, isolation, and social engineering.
40% of deaths during the khmer rouge regime was caused by starvation and diseases (Jarvis, pg1). This was inhumane. All the food that was farmed and supposed to go to the people in cambodia was all for china so that the Khmer Rouge could earn profit. Pol Pot the leader killed his own people because he did not care for them.To add, “ethnic minorities, religous groups and social groups were banned from carrying out religous and cultural practices”(Jarvis pg1). The Khmer rouge had ZERO respect for anyone but themselves and just denied people of Cambodia their rights of religion.
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To illustrate, sambos husband and many others were taken by the khmer rouge and told that the husbands were being educated on military tactics and were going to be gone for only week that turned into being three months, soon the wives were starting to get suspicious they knew they were gone and would never see them again. The Khmer rouge did this so they could isolate the women because they would be weaker without the men. To add, sambo and her family were moved from city to city to isolate families and takeover(Thouch pg1). The first city they were pushed to was Phnom Penh and didn’t stay there for long because it was a Buddhist hospital. Next they were directed to go to Kheann Svay by the Rouge. While they were in this city the husband was discovered to be a militant and was taken away from the family. The family was weakened and isolated in this
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