How Did The Carthaginian Senate Influence Hannibal Campaign In Italy

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A change in the Carthaginian senate in 203 greatly influenced Hannibal’s campaign in Italy. Hannibal’s popularity had declined and his faction no longer held the power in Carthage that it previously held by 203 B.C. A treaty enacted by the Romans and Carthaginians for peace could only come into force once Hannibal and his brother Mago left Italy. Clearly, Hannibal realized the Carthaginians had named him the scapegoat for the War. Livy states that no sooner had Hannibal realized this when he immediately blamed Hanno for this disgrace. Within a year, Hannibal returned to Africa, only to lose one of the decisive battles of the war. Hannibal, forced to resign as a general after the war, continued to serve Carthage as a suffete or magistrate

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