How Did The Ccc Benefit Our Fictional Family

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The CCC could have had the possibility of benefitting our fictional family greatly. The CCC was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States. It was for young men who were unemployed and unmarried. Having three boys that could all work would have turned out great for our family, except we were put in a unique situation and we could have many different outcomes of how our lives would have gone. The first problem is that our parents left us. Gabe being the oldest at 19 years old could have joined the CCC when it first started. Leaving myself and JR at the house by ourselves. Being 16 and 14 and being farm boys I think we would have been fine. And having $25 a month sent home to us would be a great luxury. Gabe, coming from a farm family would have fit in perfect with the CCC. He’s use to working hard and after our parents left he was in charge of myself and JR, so he could have been a good leader. Splitting $25 a month into 4 weeks would give us $6.25 a week. We…show more content…
Even if our parents never came home, I think we would have been able to take advantage of the New Deal and the CCC. We were fortunate though for having three boys. If we would have all been girls, or even just having one or two sisters instead of brothers, we wouldn’t have been near as fortunate. The CCC camps weren’t for women. There may have been a few, but a majority of them were for men. So families that had young women wouldn’t necessarily benefit from the CCC. The only way they could was if they had a brother that went and sent back money. But if it was a family all of young females, they wouldn’t benefit at all. Being all white males would have helped too. The CCC didn’t necessarily not allow other races to work, but a majority of the workers were white. The CCC had a nondiscriminatory policy, however especially in the South, a lot of black men were unable to work because of local selection
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