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Entry 1: What were the differences in the way Indians were treated between the different countries? In the Europeans eyes, Indians were known as inferior and the Europeans acted as if the Indians were actually the primitive species. Considering the Indians had a different lifestyle than the Europeans and the Europeans were more advanced in their technology and political structure, made the Indians inherently less than. Compared to the treatment of the Europeans toward the INdians, the Spanish were much more courteous. Even though the Spanish did enslave them like the Europeans, they had much more freedom after their time had been up. Also, within the colony, the had some rights to themselves. The French treatment of Indians was much like the Spanish treatment, with a few exceptions. The French were keen on treating the Indians with respect and dignity for their own personal benefit. With their rather minute population, the key to a successful settlement was the humane relationship between the French and the Indians. Entry 2: How did the Chesapeake colonies compare to the New England colonies? The Chesapeake colonies and…show more content…
This was called in Anglicization. The Americans were very desperate and wanted to revolve their lives around the British lifestyle and as an effect of their mentality, many of them had substantial debt. The only people that didn't have substantial debt were South Carolina planters because of their aristocratic lifestyle. Women's roles in the 18th century were still extremely limited. Their duties included cleaning, sewing, and cooking. The women were essentially overworked and the children were needed with the extra chores. The male population was more superior than ever. Women's roles had depleted and as a result women could not represent themselves in court. However, the colonists thrived from the low death rate and the high birth rate throughout the

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