How Did The Chinese Empire Differ From That Of The Roman Empire

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Niya Sheppard AP World History Period- 5 September 2, 2016 Unit 2 - Chapter 4 Eurasian Empires, 500 BCE - 500 CE How did Persian and Greek civilization differ in there political organization and values ? The Persian political organization was much larger than the Greek political organization. The Persians had one state that stretched from Egypt to India, while the Greeks had small settlements and about 100 independent city-states. The population difference was also a major difference. Persian civilization had a size of 35 million people and the Greek civilization just about 2 million to 3 million. The Persian governors placed a very effective administrative system which was called satraps, which was in each empire’s twenty-three people earn responsibility while lower-level …show more content…

The values of the Roman republic, included rule of law, upright moral behavior, the rights of citizens, and a political system that offers some protection to the lower class. The Rome army also helped the city become a success because it was drawn from the growing population of Italy and was renowned for being well trained, well fed, and well rewarded. This showed the people around the city that the Roman republic cared for everyone and was very straight forward about what they expected in their city. 6. How & why did the making of the Chinese empire differ from that of the Roman Empire? The Chinese empire represented an effort to recreate imperial traditions that had already existed but drifted away from the Xia, Zhou, and Shang dynasties. With these imperial traditions having a background in China, the process of creating the empire was much quicker. Rome was a new which meant it had to be created and developed into the empire it was, while the Chinese empire had a brief past. 7. In comparing the Roman and Chinese empires, which do you find more striking—their similarities or their

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