How Did The Civil War Affect Our Society

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The Civil War is a big part of our nation today. It helped us understand that everyone should be treated equal. Abraham Lincoln was president during this time and he launched the anti-slavery movement against the southern states which was during the 1860s. The civil war brought down slavery which was a big part of the United States back then. The northern part of America did not like the ways the south had and treated slaves. So they started a war about it which had begun with the battle of Fort Sumter which started on April 12, 1861 and ended two days later. About 620,000 people had died in the four years the American Civil War had taken place. So slavery with the ratification of the thirteenth amendment. Also the Civil War taught many people and families that a war is not the way to go because of so many deaths caused by them. They found new ways to solve problems other than fighting. After the war ended , the south had no slavery and they had to start new businesses. They started to…show more content…
Then we passed the 15th amendment which gave voting rights to all , excluding race. Also there have been many military related advances since and after the war. Like guns for example, after the war we made machine-guns, we made repeating rifles , landmines , and even submarines! There have been many medical advances too , we found a way to have more safer surgical techniques and we made and have more organized hospital system and organized ambulance/nursing systems.And , we even improved the study of anesthesia! We also had the 1862 homestead act that passed and we had the Ku Klux Klan organized. We also had things like the transcontinental Railroad and the national paper currency invented. And a few other things invented during and after the Civil War like Hot air balloons, Soldier ID tags, and the First National Cemetery, and Ironclad
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