How Did The Civil War Lead To Lincoln's Downfall

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The Civil War has caused one nation to be divided into two sub nations all while president Abraham Lincoln is in office. President Lincoln abolished slavery, which in turn caused the Civil War. Abolishing slavery naturally gave Lincoln enemies all throughout the south but only a few people acted. John Wilkes Booth met with three culprits who created a master plain to kill the president. The Civil War is what started Abraham Lincoln’s downfall; there for, this act leads to and causes the assassination of Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth, age 26, an actor at Ford’s Theater, had three acquaintances named Lewis Powell, 20, George Atzerodt, 29, and David Herold, 22, all supporters of the confederate army and of slavery. Their plan was that Booth would…show more content…
Booth works his way through the crowd up to Lincoln’s box. Lincoln is attending the play with his wife and two guest. Powell is ringing Seward’s doorbell while Herold stands by with their getaway horses. Atzerolt is at the hotel where the vice president is staying, but he cannot bring himself to kill Jonson instead he goes to the bar for a drink. The time has approached at aproximently 10:13pm, Booth slips into the presidents box, a pistol in one hand, and a large knife in the other. He shoots Lincoln in the head and cuts the guest through who leaps to Lincoln’s aid. Booth leaps to the stage and makes his escape. The crowd is clueless they think it is a part of the show. Meanwhile Powell has make it into Seward’s house. He manages to wound him before he escapes but not before Powell wounds several others. Powell’s horse has on the street, but Herold was gone he heard screams in the house so he fled. Powell goes into hiding in Washington, while Booth and Herold ride off into Virginia where they were sure they would be greeted by many and be treated like heroes. The government tracked Booth because he broke his leg leaping onto the stage which made it easy for him to be tracked (Wilmore
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