How Did The Civil War Protect Citizens Rights

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Citizens rights? This amendment protects citizen 's rights, by allowing them to elect their own senators as opposed to the legislature electing them. Supported After the time of the Civil War, differences about the fairness of elections of senators arose. This, combined with numerous stalemate in votes due to clashing parties, led to the amendment Didn’t support Various senators were against the election by the people, because they were afraid of the power being given to the people. Introduced and ratified? Proposed amendments were passed in 1910 and 1911. The 17th Amendment was added to the Constitution on April 18, 1913. History The disagreements between parties in the South during the Civil War, lead to long periods of time without Senators, unfairness and unjustness of Senator elections.…show more content…
This Amendment eliminated the favoritism on who can vote (males only) and allowed all citizens, regardless of their gender to vote and have a voice on their nation 's leader.
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