How Did The Cleisthenes Affect The Change Of Democracy In England

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During the period of Cleisthenes, Democracy started to change into a powerful political system it influenced the western political and stages various from the Greco/Roman philosophers and ethical judeo/christians teaching and in the feudalism in England. All of them have effect the change of Democracy in many ways you can imagination but this where the build blocks of our founding fathers. Greece and Roman philosophers help influence normal day democracy. Most of the philosophers did left have people talking about them but mostly had an effect on society after their death one of those philosopher who questioned everything where Socrates like everyday in a democracy country you have the right of free speech. His one of his greatest pupil was Plato he wrote the book “Republic.” In which he wrote about how justice who affect society or the country in better ways than other and how it is the building blocks of things.HIs pupil was Aristotle was the author of a philosophical and scientific system who helped create christian Scholasticism and medieval Islamic philosophers. Those where only some of the…show more content…
The feudalism system for England starts from peasant for the losts and merchants and tax collectors after that military people protecting high ranking people and then comes noble class people who are born into money or buy or gets deeds. It affected Democracy when people started to learned how to read and write and they wanted the same right and realized how unfair it was and fought for their right of a normal life and a thing was that getting tax from people was a thing and know it still is but sometimes it is use for good things but also bad things. Feudalisation was somewhat the bases of democracy big thing in difference and many in the same like how each one has a leader but one leader can control anything and one has the supreme court and the
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