How Did The Cluniacs Influence The Roman Papacy

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The Roman Papacy’s Power
By: Kelli Floyd
The power of the church started to dominate when Constantine used its power to control his empire. Along the way, the church grew more and more powerful. With this growth, many within the church began to crave more power. This craving along with a variety of theological differences led to an eventual splintering of the church into many different belief systems. Also, with this power, came those who resisted them.
The Power of Rome
The Roman Papacy broke with the other four patriarchies in July of 1054. In fact, Rome excommunicated all of them, claiming that they were all heretics. They believed that eliminating the Eastern Christians and the emperor in Constantinople was the key to having the most power. The Roman Papacy dominance truly began to take over the emperors with the Concordat of Worms in 1122. This was an agreement signed by Emperor Henry V and Pope Calixtus II that basically stated that the emperor would no longer have control of the appointment of bishops and abbots. This greatly damaged imperial authority.
Cluniacs Influence on Roman Control
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This order was founded in 910 by a monk named Berno and by the Count William of Aquitaine. The Cluniacs believed that the pope was the supreme religious and political figure in Christendom. That believed that he should have even more power that the emperor. Pope Gregory II was a Cluniac who was responsible for a reform of the church. In 1076, he excommunicated Henry IV when he fought Gregory on the reforms. Although, he isn’t technically credited with making the church stronger that the emperor, he is credited with being the one who put the ball in
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