How Did The Cold War Affect Politics Between 1900 And 2000

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The 1900’s and early 2000’s were a very hard time for America. WWII was coming to an end, the Cold War was starting, and we experienced our first terror attack. These three historical events brought on many fears to America; two of which, were the fear of communism, and the fear of terror attacks. These events affected the politics then, and they continue to affect politics today. As a result of these fears, the Truman Doctrine was established and brought into effect, the 1948 election was impacted, the HUAC committee was established, along with the first terror attack, and the PATRIOTS Act I and II.
America and the Soviet Union were allies during WWII, but it was a “tense ally” (Cold War History). “They now see each other as archenemies” (Out of Many, p. 581) now that the war is over. America was in fear of communism from the Soviet Union and was doing everything in their power to defeat the Soviet Union. In 1947 President Truman made a speech and stated: “ the preservation and freedom of all Americans depended on containing communism” (Out of Many, p. 584) and Truman helped to generate popular support for an anti-communist …show more content…

Communism was a major fear in the 1900’s, and America handled it very well and took the necessary precautions to stop it, but terrorism is a much bigger deal than we experienced in the 1900’s. Terror attacks have a huge impact on not only the area hit, but the entire country. I can remember 9/11 plain as day and I was only in Kindergarten; it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. Terror attacks are even affecting our politics today. In the recent election of 2016, people were/are worried that President Trump is going to send us into another war and there are precautionary measures being taken on North Korea threatening to bomb us. Although communism was a big deal, I feel terror attacks are an even bigger deal that we will face for many years to

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