How Did The Cold War Affect The Economy

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The cold war characterized in many aspects. Here I conclude it with several key words. Firstly, political conflicts and military tension between US ans USSR. Secondly, the Marshall plan which was seen by Russia as USA using economic aid to buy itself an empire or 'sphere of influence '. Also, Nuclear fear also was the characteristic of cold war, everyone at that time was fear of the nuclear war that was seemed to happen, especially at the time of Cuba missile crisis. Conflicts between capitalism and communism was also one of characteristic. Moreover, space race between US and USSR to compete the title of superpower should also be concluded as one of characteristic. Last one should be proxy wars, where a client state fights a conventional war on behalf of a superpower.…show more content…
Golden age was for America. In 1950s, there was Rejection of the Fair Deal, Integration of Major League Baseball, Desegregation of Armed Forces, Integration of major league baseball arose. Also, government had response to Lynching under the pressure of public. The golden age specifically present in the economic expansion, wide ranging improvements in living standards which facilitated the access to better life. Besides, unemployment, poverty rate were low at that time. America gained the industrial supremacy in the world. The prosperity last after the Cold War. It had a wide ranging impact on American life. Firstly, Permanent military-industrial establishment. Secondly, Federal had some projects, like weapons development, military bases. America also developed higher education and built Interstate highway system which had a significant impact on
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