How Did The Colonists Influence The American Revolution

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In 1775, the American Revolution, a battle between England and their 13 colonies in North America, in order to nullify the British government’s power against them, began. Some will say that the colonists who fought as patriots were not influenced by the desire for democracy or independence from Britain, but to not want their common goods taxed, since they destroyed British property as a result. However, the colonists only protested taxation without representation, tried make Britain listen to their grievances, and fought to prevent the capture of rebels. Therefore, the colonists who fought as patriots were influenced by their desire for democracy, and for independence from Britain. The colonists provided many historical examples of wanting democracy, One such example, of Americans wanting to democratize American society can be seen from their rallying cry after the Stamp Act of 1765. The colonists all cried “No taxation without representation!”. The colonists were not crying for no…show more content…
The Committees of Correspondence were created, in order to show people what Britain was doing, and oppose them; the kindle for the revolution. After the First Continental Congress was ignored, the colonists responded by preparing for war; they armed themselves, and the militia began to drill openly. A few months after, the British came to America looking for rebel leaders, and the colonists fought back. The colonists did everything they could to protect their revolutionary leaders. These are clear signs of a group of people wanting independence. This is similar to the French revolution. Both the French and American revolutions were fought because they did not want to be ruled by a monarch, and both of these revolutions were made possible because the mother countries’ armies were weakened at the time of revolution from previous
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