How Did The Colonists Make An Effort To Explore The Americans

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a) By the 1600s, most of North America wasn 't claimed by the Europeans i) There were three European powers established in the Americas (1) Spain established Santa Fe in 1610, France established Quebec in 1608, and Britain established Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 b) Britain didn 't make an effort to explore the Americans in 1500s against the Spanish empire i) When King Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church in 1530s, tensions arose which brought the English Protestant reformation. It was Catholics versus Protestants (1) Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1558 which caused England to become Protestants and a rivalry against the Spaniards who were Catholic ii) Ireland wanted to be…show more content…
In 1607 of December, he was kidnapped and was part of a fake execution by Powhatan c) Powhatan the leader of an Indian tribe wanted peace between his tribe and the colonists d) Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan and a mediator between her tribe and colonists a) There were some tensions between the Indian tribes and the Colonists due to food i) ) Lord de La Warr was the new governor of Jamestown. He eventually took actions that led to a declaration of war against the Indians near Jamestown b) In The Anglo-Powhatan War, the colonists destroyed Indians villages. The war ended in 1614 because of the marriage of Pocahontas and a colonist named John Rolfe c) The Second Anglo-Powhatan War occurred in 1644. The war ended in 1646 with a peace peace treaty which made it so that the Indian tribes and colonists were separated a) Due to the arrival of the Europeans, the lives of the Native Americans changed forever i) Due to the diseases, lots of Native American tribes were
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