How Did The Colonists Win The Revolutionary War

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At first, the American colonies were happy to be control by the Great Britain, The British Parliament didn’t bother the colonists very much. However, after the French Indian War, The Great Britain need money to repay a huge debt. The British Parliament said the purpose of the Great Britain to fought the war is to protect the American Colonies from French, so the American Colonies should help to pay the debt for the war. For this reason, the British Parliament has been passing laws to place taxes on the American colonies. However, most American colonists didn’t agree to help the Britain to repay the debt. They thought the true reason for the Great Britain had fought this war is because the Great Britain wants to expand it colonies in America and increase its wealth. But more importantly, American colonists think the Britain Parliament was elected by British who living in Britain, so these member of the Parliament won’t understand what the colonists need. Since these member of the Parliament cannot represent the American Colonists, they have no right to imposing taxes. In the year 1774, the Boston tea party occurred leads all American Colonists begin to…show more content…
If the American Army got defeated by the Britain Army in this particular war, the result of the American Revolution War will be different. First, the France government won’t formally enter the American Revolution War as U.S.’s ally. So other European will not support America. Without the support from other European countries, especially, the France, America itself cannot defeat the Great Britain. In the end the modern United States might not exist today and The Great Britain will be the most power country in the World. Since they can get enormous resources from the America Colonies. Also the colony of America would be smaller, because Native Americans might retain more lands, Mexico will keep Texas and California, and Russia will keep
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