How Did The Constitution Guard Against Tyranny Essay

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Constitution DBQ What is tyranny and how do you guard against it? Tyranny is most often defined as harsh, absolute power in the hands of one individual - like a king or a dictator. The constitution was created May of 1787, in Philadelphia. “The accumulation of all powers … in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many (is) the very definition of tyranny.” It was made to replace the old constitution, the Articles of Confederation (Background Essay). How did the constitution guard tyranny? The constitution guards against tyranny by the powers of the government, the 3 branches of the government, checks and balances, and the House of Representatives and the Senate. All of the powers of the government guarded against tyranny. There were two different governments to balance the powers. The two governments were the state government and central government. “The different governments will each control each other at the same time that each will be controlled by itself.” (Doc A, Madison,James, Federalist Paper 51, 1788). Each part of the government had there own jobs to do, for example the central government has the power to regulate trade, conduct foreign relations, provide an army and navy, while the state government set up local governments, holds elections,…show more content…
Federalism guards against tyranny, so does the separation of powers, checks and balances, and the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each guard in different, unique ways. All of them do the same job to guard against tyranny. Federalism divides the government into the state and central governments. The division of powers gives each branch of government equal power, while checks and balances allows each branch to check each other. Also, the Senate and House guard against tyranny by giving the small states the same amount of say in the Senate and the large states have more representation in the house. Our Constitution guarded against tyranny very
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