How Did The Crucible Change Society

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Society is a funny thing. People are going to judge you, no matter how hard you try to please everyone. Someone will always be there to disagree with whatever you’re doing. However, times have definitely changed. As an example, during the times of “The Crucible” it was a major sin to even dance. You would think in those days that they would have much more to worry about than dancing. In that time period, people put a lot of importance on religion. Which, might not have been a bad thing. It's just how much they stressed it, religion was by far the most important thing in their life. They diminished the excitement and the true beauty of life, because of how much they over stressed religion.

People have definitely become more accepting. Today you can be whoever you want to be. If you want to believe in atheism, you can. Society isn’t going to punish you by death or public shaming if your beliefs are different from theirs, as in during the times of the “Scarlet Letter”. If you
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Women of the 1930’s that were portrayed in the book “Of Mice and Men” were expected to simply stay at home and be good housewives. They were expected to cook, clean, have kids, and take care of the house. Which was all fine and dandy, as being a Mom is an important job too. But it was unfortunate in that if a woman even mentioned getting a job or doing anything a man might do, it was completely out of the question. Now, a woman can even get a higher paying job than a man. Women can vote; they are expected to work. They’re expected to be out and about doing just as much as men. Women have gained a lot of empowerment within the last century. Woman can get a job as a CEO and guide thousands of men in a large corporation. They are without a doubt just as empowered as men, if not more. Who knows, the next president could be a woman. Times are definitely changing and I think they’re changing for the better in many
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