How Did The Crusades Affect Commerce

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I remember back to when I was a child, hearing about the First Great Crusade. A military expedition launched by the Christian states of Europe against the Saracens, to conquer the Holy Land. It had caused a great deal of social chaos in this world. I heard about how the Crusaders overran Jerusalem, creating a citywide massacre of men, women and children. It was said that the streets ran with blood.

Before then, I didn’t realise the effects that the Crusades could leave. I began to notice how the Crusades had an impact on commerce. Because of the Crusades, a constant demand for the transportation of men and supplies was created. Ship-building was encouraged, and the market for eastern wares in Europe was extended. The cultures of the Middle East and Europe began to influence each other. The Crusades also affected the Church. The wealth of the Church and the power of the Papacy had increased. The Pope was given more authority and was seen as a guide and leader due to their important role during the Crusades.
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As a young girl, I grew up with the knowledge that I would one day become extremely powerful. Following the death of my father in 1137, I married Louis VII, who would later become King of France. I was strong-willed. When Louis declared that he was to lead the Second Crusade, I insisted that I would accompany him. I knew the role that I had to play and wanted to show the qualities of a Queen. From then on, I did everything in my power to contribute to this event; urging and convincing anyone I could find to go on the Crusade. The Church liked the offer of my thousand fighting vassals. They weren’t too pleased, however, to find out that 300 of my ladies also planned on going to help tend the wounded. Throughout the Crusade, the presence of my ladies and wagons of female servants was

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