How Did The Crusades Affect The Crusades

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After the city of Zara was destroyed the Crusaders remained there to figure out their next course of actions. They faced a big problem. The Crusaders realized that their supplies and other necessities for their journey were running out and they could not bear the cost of the expenses since their goal is to get to Egypt. It was shocking to people that the Crusaders are in a financial crisis since they have spent more time strategizing a new course of action. They soon confronted a troublesome circumstance where they could have either abandon the Crusade and its motives and return back home or collaborate with the Venetians once again and proceed towards Constantinople. The Crusaders learned that it will be dangerous to attack
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He would also place the Greek Orthodox Church under the authority of the papacy”. The Crusaders accepted this proposal, although they were more reluctant. Some of them were beginning to perceive that the entire purpose of the Crusade was being cleverly diverted to serve very different ends than they had been led to believe. These dissenters left for home or found their own way to the East. A very large majority, however, stuck with the campaign, lured by the prospect of booty from Constantinople, the queen of cities, or anxious to resolve the schism between Eastern and Western Christendom, by force if…show more content…
They were poor, running out of supplies, banished from their countries, and they were using Venetian ships. The Crusaders began their conquest to Constantinople in April 1203. With the guarantee of the considerable amount of supplies that they could ever want, the Crusaders partnered up with Alexius IV since Constantinople was the wealthiest city in Asia Minor, and his deal was plausible for a city this rich. Despite the fact that the city was Greek Orthodox, the Crusaders believed restoring this city under the pope will pardon their pillage, but also give The Holy Roman Empire a firm political position over Asia
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