How Did The Dramatic Increase Immigration In The 1890's

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Throughout the 1890’s, there were many things that some people believed to be beneficial, and others thought were counterproductive. There were many people who believed the dramatic increase in immigrants from unequal races were causing the disruption in the economy. While others found the increase immigrants was part of America 's job to give people the freedoms they deserve. Another issue was the excess of goods that America had produced. Many looked for ways to increase trade whether that was making allies or taking territory. Lastly, many Americans thought because we were a dominant power that we could have an effect on the world, they believed it was our duty to spread democracy and freedom. Causing tension between the US and Spain.…show more content…
Many immigrants found shelter in the tightly packed urban areas causing conditions to plummet. Also, many immigrants needed jobs. These immigrants were willing to work for lesser pay than their citizen counterparts. All this lead to the increase in poverty on both sides, along with the anger of the American citizens. The citizens started blaming the immigrants for the economic depression of that time. The increase in hate for these groups of foreign people went as far as their home countries. Many people believed that we shouldn’t have open doors to all immigrants and that the immigrants that do get in are dead weight. A quote from a poem called Unguarded Gates by Thomas Bailey Aldrich really encapsulated many Americans belief at this time, “Wide open and unguarded stand our gates, and through them presses a wild motley throng.” Immigration and foreign peoples, especially those from South Eastern Europe, Central Africa, and China were seen as the lowest of tears of people at this
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